Hone your research and writing skills through online workshops launching Feb. 3

Event flyer.

If you’re a student preparing for a research paper or senior capstone project – or any writing assignment – then consider registering for the Research and Writing (RaW) Skills Workshop Series. The online series of four episodes is designed to help students through the research and writing process – from brainstorming a topic to the final details of your paper.

The series is a collaboration between the James and Abigail Campbell Library and the Noʻeau Center.  The episodes, which will go live by 2 p.m., Feb. 3, are:

  • Episode 1: Identifying Your Topic – This episode focuses on methods to identify and refine a topic, and where to find background information.
  • Episode 2: The Research Process – This episode focuses on best practices for starting your research process, as well as strategies to find scholarly sources for your topic.
  • Episode 3: Outlining, Writing, and Re-Writing – This episode highlights strategies to use when beginning to write your essay, along with tools for crafting a paragraph.
  • Episode 4: Citations and Polishing – This episode illustrates how to tackle finishing an essay by offering guidance on creating citations and references, as well as tips on revising.

The deadline to complete all episodes for credit (if provided by the instructor) is April 19. To register or for more information, go to bit.ly/uhworaw.

Image courtesy of UHWO Staff