Applied Science

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Learning Outcomes

To assure educational quality and curricular coherence, UH West O‘ahu has identified learning outcomes appropriate for Applied Science students. Students at UH West O‘ahu are expected to apply certain knowledge and skills towards mastering material in an academic major and concentration. These skills are listed in a set of Applied Science Learning Outcomes.

Degree Learning Outcomes

  • DLO1 – Write clearly and effectively using generally accepted scientific style, such as for research papers and lab reports.
  • DLO2 – Report orally on scientific subjects, using clear and objective style and well-reasoned sequences of information.
  • DLO3 – Analyze scientific results, using quantitative and qualitative techniques.
  • DLO4 – Demonstrate understanding of the ethical issues relevant to managers and practitioners in applied sciences and administrative fields.
Lynette Williamson

Lynette Williamson

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