How to file an incident report steps

IMPORTANT: If there is an immediate risk or threat, please contact Campus Security at (808) 689-2911, before you file an incident report.  

If you experienced an incident that involves a UH West Oʻahu student that potentially may violate one or more of the provisions under the Student Code of Conduct. You may submit an incident report in writing or by using the online reporting form. As the Complainant, please provide the following:

  1. Your name (First and Last Name)
  2. Position/Title (Optional) 
  3. Telephone number
  4. Email address
  5. Address (Optional)
  6. Date of incident (Required)
  7. Time of incident (Optional) 
  8. Location of incident (Required)
  9. Specific location  (Optional)
  10. Involved parties:  Include everyone that is involved or was present (The people who are involved Respondent and/or Witness)
    1. Name (first and last) or Organization
    2. Gender
    3. Role
    4. SID number (If known)
    5. DOB if known
    6. Telephone number
    7. email address
    8. Address
  11. Questions:
    1. You will provide a detailed description of the incident. Please be as specific as you can in describing the alleged incident (who, what, when, why, and how). Please provide the name(s), date(s), time(s), and location(s) regarding the alleged incident. (Required)
    2. Did you report this information to an employee of the UH West O`ahu? (Required)
      1. If yes, provide the name of the person and the dated reported (Required)
    3. Please identify the potential violation(s) from the list provided on the online report form (Indicate all that applies. This is a guide for the Student Conduct Officer) 
    4. Check if you wish to be anonymous. (Required)
      1. If you choose to be anonymous this will limit the Student Conduct Officer’s ability to respond to your complaint or report. 
      2. You can choose to speak to someone
    5. Check yes if you understand that the report will be received during normal business hours. (Required)
    6. Please contact Campus Security (808) 689-2911 if there is an immediate risk or threat.  
    7. You may upload any supporting documents or you can send them to