Looking for a scholarship? Don’t forget tuition assistance from labor organizations

Words Harriet Bouslog Labor Scholarship Fund and painting of workers

The Harriet Bouslog Labor Scholarship Fund has put a call out for applicants as the deadline nears for students to apply for the scholarship given to family members of ILWU Local 142 members.

Annual scholarships of up to $2,000 are available through the fund. Leah Bernstein, scholarship fund director, said the fund has had trouble attracting applicants in recent years. The deadline for applying for the tuition assistance is April 1 for students who are attending or have applied for admission to the University of Hawaiʻi. Applicants must be a family member of an active or retired ILWU Local 142, or an active member of the union in good standing.

The application is available online at https://harrietbouslog.com/.  Bouslog, a Honolulu labor attorney who served as ILWU Local 142’s general counsel, established the scholarship fund in 1988 with her husband Stephen Sawyer. A maximum of 10 new scholarships are awarded each year. Assistance can continue for a maximum of eight semesters for undergraduates.

The scholarships are one of several available through local labor organizations.  These include:

  • $1,000 annual scholarships are available from the Hawaiʻi State AFL-CIO. The application deadline is April 20.
  • Assistance ranging from $500 to $5,000 is available through the Union Plus Scholarship Program for current and retired members pf participating unions, their spouses and their dependent children. The application deadline was Jan. 31.
  • The Hawaiʻi Government Employees Association offers several scholarship opportunities, including the Charles R. Kendall Scholarship and the Russell K. Okata Scholarship.  These are available to HGEA members and their dependents. The application deadline was Jan. 22.
Image courtesy of Harriet Bouslog Labor Scholarship Fund