Dr. Laurie James publishes article in “Journal of Curriculum and Teaching”

Laurie James

Laurie James

UH West Oahu assistant professor of Education, Laurie James, recently published “Mathematics Awareness through Technology, Teamwork, Engagement, and Rigor,” in the peer-reviewed Journal of Curriculum and Teaching.

The article focuses on ways to determine if technology and intervention groups used in a mathematics classroom affected students’ standardized math scores. Creating a classroom climate allowed students to feel comfortable to take risks, ask questions, and learn through inquiry. Also, when the teachers provided real-world applications to math, students saw a purpose for mathematics.

Dr. Laurie James

Dr. Laurie James moved from the Seattle, Washington in July 2016. She teaches mathematics courses for the Education Division at UH West Oʻahu. She earned her Doctor of Education degree from Seattle Argosy University in 2006. She has 25 years of experience teaching in the public school system along with 10 years teaching in the education courses for Western Washington University.

Since joining the Education Division at UHWO, she has become part of the Hawaiʻi Middle School Math Transitions Workgroup that focuses on ways to assist middle students with mathematical challenges as they transition from grade to grade. She has also become a member of the Math Teachers’ Circle Hawaiʻi (MaTCH). This group meets regularly to solve mathematical problems to anticipate where their students might struggle with mathematical concepts.

Image courtesy of UHWO Staff