UHWO faculty publishes five chapters in “Disaster Forensics: Understanding Root Cause and Complex Causality”

Destroyed house and car

Destroyed house and car

UH West Oʻahu faculty contributed to the newly-released Springer International Publishing book, “Disaster Forensics: Understanding Root Cause and Complex Causality“, which advocates for a multi-disciplinary approach to addressing the challenges brought by natural disasters. The book is part of Springer’s Advanced Sciences and Technologies for Security Applications book series.

Associate Professor Jason Levy authored two chapters, co-authored one paper with Instructor of Economics Peiyong Yu, and co-authored another with Dr. Yu. and Dr. Ross Prizzia, professor of public administration and Director of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management programs at UHWO. Dr Prizzia also authored a chapter.

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Levy, J., Yu, P., & Prizzia, R. (2016). Economic Disruptions, Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Forensic Analysis: The Hawaii Business Recovery Center (HIBRC) Project. In Disaster Forensics (pp. 315-334). Springer International Publishing.

Prizzia, R. (2016). Climate Change and Disaster Forensics. In Disaster Forensics (pp. 223-247). Springer International Publishing.

Image courtesy of ICMA