Meet UH West Oʻahu Interim Chancellor Doris Ching

Dr. Doris Ching

Get to know UH West Oʻahu Interim Chancellor Doris Ching. We asked Dr. Ching to share her thoughts on becoming interim chancellor at the University.

You were retired after a long and prestigious career in a variety of roles within the University of Hawaiʻi system. Why did you decide to accept the position of interim chancellor at UH West Oʻahu?

A major factor in the decision was my commitment to assure that UH West O‘ahu’s rising stature as a credible, respected four-year institution of higher education is clearly recognized throughout the State and nation. Although I did not seek any position at this stage of my life, it was clear to me that our initiatives to advance UH West O‘ahu over the past year are significant and deserve continuity of momentum to fruition. The initiatives, made possible by the visionary leadership of Chancellor Rockne Freitas and amazing resources provided by the State Legislature over the past two years, must be firmly established as our fulfillment of promise to the community and State.

You served as our vice chancellor for academic affairs for almost a year, giving you the opportunity to learn our campus, its culture, and the people. What excites you the most about UH West Oʻahu?

I resonate with UH West O‘ahu’s ideals, mission and vision, and strategic goals. I am inspired by the faculty, staff, and community members’ genuine commitment to the indigenous population, to diversity, and to the growth and success of all students. I am enthusiastic about the attention the faculty give to teaching and learning, and about the opportunities UH West O‘ahu offers students to develop personally and professionally and enable them to flourish in their chosen careers. I am heartened to see hundreds of faculty, staff, and student volunteers going “above and beyond” their job requirements to make commencement memorable for the graduates. I am impressed with the energetic and talented faculty and staff in all facets of the campus—academic affairs, administration, and student affairs. I am truly grateful for their willingness to be a campus-wide team that works together and brings pride to this campus and the community. Most of all, I am so excited about our students and their potential to be our future leaders in the State. It is absolutely a privilege to be a part of UH West O‘ahu.

What do you hope to accomplish as interim chancellor?

I hope to accomplish what the UHWO faculty, staff, and community have proposed to achieve over the past several years and at the present time. UHWO is ready to do what is required to progress in important areas.

  • I hope to mark this year as a turning point toward solid continuity and stability of administration–a much-needed direction of UH West O‘ahu.
  • We intend to work hard to increase our effectiveness as an institution by focusing on our students’ success and graduation rates.
  • We will continue our efforts to increase student enrollment.
  • We expect to progress in our identified strategic initiatives.
  • We will begin to develop a graduate program which will enable our graduates to emerge as leaders in their careers and professions in our surrounding geographical locations.
  • We intend to strengthen our alumni relations and support.
  • I hope we can make strides in our fundraising and development, which are essential to sustain a strong institution.
  • We expect to continue the momentum we are gaining in numerous innovative and exciting areas.

What has been the most gratifying part of your career with the University?

In every position I held at the University of Hawaiʻi, it was my goal to make positive and major changes to benefit students, faculty and staff, the programs, and the institution. It is gratifying to see that the initiatives that were implemented decades ago continue to flourish today throughout all campuses of the University of Hawaiʻi System.

Image courtesy of UH West Oʻahu