Monthly Mental Health Moment – Hidden Strengths

Mental Health Moment graphic

Clinical psychologists Dr. Steven Taketa and Dr. Analu Sing, with the Mental Health Clinic at UH West Oʻahu, will offer monthly mental health tips to students, faculty, and staff to cope through COVID-19 and these trying times:

Take a second and think about some of the best moments of your life. Some people may remember a graduation, a personal accomplishment, spending time with a role model or loved one, or any number of positive experiences. When you think about that memory, what personal qualities do you associate about yourself? For many, these memories can provide evidence of your strength, resilience, value, and compassion. If you spend some time remembering your successes, you may discover that you have qualities that you have forgotten to honor about yourself. Through the stress of education or the anxiety of a pandemic, we sometimes do not notice the abilities that have propelled us to overcome. Make self-gratitude and compassion part of your daily life and take notice of your hidden strengths. 

Image courtesy of UHWO Staff