ʻOnipaʻa speaker series begins tomorrow in ʻUluʻulu exhibit space

Words Onipaa Aloha Aina with Dr. Kalikolani Correa

The ʻOnipaʻa speaker series will kick off 2018 with a presentation by UH West Oʻahu’s Dr. Kalikolani Correa, tomorrow, Jan. 17, from 9:30 -10:50 a.m., in the ʻUluʻulu exhibit space within the James & Abigail Campbell Library.

Dr. Correa will present her dissertation that discusses the intersections of aloha ʻāina. Aloha ʻāina is a central point in the Hawaiian worldview which creates a rippling effect of knowledge and awareness that permeates all areas of life. The definition of aloha ʻāina in the Hawaiian Dictionary is translated as “love of the land or of one’s country; patriotism,” and it further explains that the many sayings connected to ʻāina illustrate the depth and rootedness of this love of the land in the Hawaiian worldview. By looking at the intersections of aloha ʻāina as both love of the land and love of country; patriotism, creates a space to postulate ways that aloha ʻāina is narrating the nation and providing continuity of Hawaiian national identity and consciousness.

ʻOnipaʻa is sponsored by the Hawaiian-Pacific Studies, History, and Political Science departments, ʻUluʻulu Moving Image Archive, and UH West Oʻahu. Each session will take place on the 20th of every month(except for January) during the spring semester and will feature a different theme and speaker(s). All presentations will take place in the ʻUluʻulu exhibit area, except for April. Below are the selected themes:

  • Jan.17 , 9:30 – 10:50: Aloha ʻāina with Dr. Kalikolani Correa (UH West Oʻahu)
  • Feb. 20 , 11:00-12:20: Kahiki with Dr. Emalani Case (UH West Oʻahu) and Dr. Kealani Cook (UH West Oʻahu)
  • March 20, 9:30 – 10:50: Native Knowledge, Shared Science with tbd
  • April 20, 4:00 – 6:45, HITS classroom: Ka Wā Mahope with Kaleikoa Kaeo (UH Maui College), Kahele Dukelow (UH Maui College), and other speakers tbd
Image courtesy of UHWO Staff