Maintenance work scheduled for overflow parking lot

Photo of the lot and area to be blocked off during the work with the caption The maintenance work is scheduled to take about two weeks.

The maintenance work is scheduled to take about two weeks.

Please use caution and be aware of changes in travel patterns and blocked areas of the UH West Oʻahu overflow parking lot as maintenance work gets underway on Tuesday, Oct. 3, to repair low areas, dips, and ruts. The goal of the work is to provide a more even surface on which to drive and walk on in addition to less ponding during rainy periods.

Beginning Oct. 3, project material will be placed along the east side of the lot, which will be separated from the vehicles by barricades. The contractor, Road and Highway Builders LLC, will spread the material across the lot on Fridays, when it is closed.  

The material is being recycled from the Farrington Highway Resurfacing Project near UH West Oʻahu. The road work includes cold-planing the asphalt surface of the highway prior to resurfacing, with the milled material being brought to UH West Oʻahu property for use in repair and restoring the overflow parking lot.

The work will temporarily result in less parking spaces during the estimated two weeks the project will take.


Image courtesy of UHWO Staff