Māla workshops: From sugarcane juice to calming tinctures

Garden-to-Table kim chi workshop

UH West Oahu students, faculty and staff will learn how to make kimchi using vegetables from the UH West Oʻahu Student Organic Garden.

Make calming tinctures and banana paper. Learn how to use cassava and make kimchi.  Weave a lei poʻo (haku lei). These are among the workshop offerings this semester at Hale Kuahuokalā within the student organic māla (garden) this semester.

The workshops organized by the PIKO Project begin Sept. 6 and fall into two categories: ʻĀina-to-Ōpū and Herbal Medicine/Do-it-Yourself sessions.  The workshops are open to students, faculty and staff and include:

ʻĀina-to-Ōpū workshops

1:30-2:30 p.m., first Wednesday each month, Hale Kuahuokalā

  • Sept. 6: Sugarcane juice. Press juice from kō (sugarcane) stalks, learn about its nutritional benefits and take cuttings home.
  • Oct. 4: Casabe. Learn how to make this gluten-free flatbread eaten using cassava.
  • Nov. 14: Use garden veggies to make Kimchi and learn about the benefits of fermentation and probiotics.

Herbal Medicine/Do-it-Yourself workshops

1:30-2:30 p.m., third Wednesday each month, Hale Kuahuokalā

  • Sept. 20: Banana Paper. Learn more about growing bananas and how to make paper from banana stalks. Take home keiki to plant.
  • Oct. 25: Lei Poʻo.  Weave your own lei poʻo with plants from the garden.
  • Nov. 15: Calming (anti-anxiety) Tinctures. With finals approaching, learn about some calming herbs and how to make a tincture to keep your anxiety at bay.

Please contact tasiay@hawaii.edu to RSVP workshops and for other inquiries.

Image courtesy of UHWO Staff