The Kahiau Hawaiian Club presents “Haleween”, Oct. 31

Hale-ween Costume Contest

Hale-ween Costume Contest

The Kahiau Hawaiian Club at UH West O‘ahu is hosting a DIY (do it yourself) costume contest on Monday, Oct. 31, from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. in Hale Kuahuokalā in the Student Organic Garden.

The Kahiau Club invites students to come dressed as a Hawaiian god, goddess, or guardian in the spirit of the Halloween season, and compete to win a $100 gift card for the best homemade Hawaiian-themed costume. All participants receive prizes.

If you are interested in registering for the 2016 Haleween Costume contest, please click here.

The 2016 Haleween Costume Contest aims to provide an opportunity to explore social and cultural measures that add to the life of the institution, which strengthens student engagement on campus.

The rules of the contest are as follows:

1. Contestants must be a student at UH West Oʻahu.
2. The entries with the highest, second highest, and third highest scores will win first, second, and third place prizes.
3. Costumes created must be made from at least 50% of items other than commercially available and/or store bought.
4. Contestants are required to give a brief oral presentation about the costume created that need to answer the following:
● The correct name of your deity and it’s translation, if available.
● What are they known for or what powers do they possess.
● A short mo’olelo (tale) of your deity.

Judging Criteria:

All entries will be scored on a scale of 1 to 10 and are judged based on the following formula:
● 50% (5 points max) will be based off of originality and creativity.
● 25% (2.5 points max) will be based off of the overall execution and creation of the costume.
● 25% (2.5 points max) will be based on the oral presentation that contestants provides.

This event is sponsored by the Student Activity Fee Board.

Image courtesy of UHWO Staff