Next Math + Science + X Seminar on March 6

Event flyer.

The next Math + Science + X Seminar, featuring Master of Science candidate and John A. Burns School of Medicine graduate student Taylor Tashiro, will be held 10 to 11 a.m. March 6 in A219. The seminar is entitled, “Comparison of antibody responses in mice generated by different multivalent Filovirus vaccines based on recombinant glycoprotein subunits.”

Tashiro’s description of her upcoming talk: The spread of Ebola virus in the Democratic Republic of Congo was declared a public health emergency of international concern in July 2019 (WHO 2019).

Generating an efficacious vaccine against this virus and other filoviruses is necessary for the protection of the population from the current outbreak, possible future outbreaks, and to prevent further spread of the disease. Pre-clinical studies are currently in process in our lab for a thermostable, multivalent, recombinant subunit vaccine to evaluate if the antibodies produced in response to the vaccine elicit balanced antibody and neutralizing titers.

Tashiro said she will also be introducing some opportunities geared towards undergraduate students and recent graduates that the University of Hawaiʻi Department of Tropical Medicine has to offer.

Math + Science + X seminars help to promote fascinating and current STEM topics. Seminars are geared to introduce UH West Oʻahu students to a variety of research and career opportunities.

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Image courtesy of UHWO Staff