A Kauila Oboe for the Ages, Oct. 15

Photo of a man standing in a room studying an oboe. He is wearing an Aloha Shirt; on the table in front of him is the case for the oboe, which is brown and has gold-colored keys. Behind the man and partially obscured is a sign that says Oboe and Howarth

Oboist J. Scott Janusch examines the kauila wood oboe at the Howarth of London factory

Ever seen or heard an oboe made of 300 year-old kauila wood from Kōkeʻe, Kauaʻi?  

Hawai’i Symphony Orchestra principal oboist J. Scott Janusch will visit the Nāulu Center on Tuesday, Oct. 15, at 12:30 p.m. and present this new and unique instrument — the kauila oboe handcrafted by world renown oboe maker, Howarth of London. Hosted by the MUS 240 “Intro to Music Technology” class, Janusch will tell the story of how the wood came from a tree native to Kōkeʻe, Kauaʻi, damaged by a hurricane in the 1980s and reclaimed by Ed Kaʻiwi of Anahola. Kaʻiwi gifted it to noted luthier Mickey Sussman, who in turn gave it to Janusch for this project. Associate Professor of Music Dr. Jon Magnussen will share the journey that brought him to compose Nā Kau ʻElua | The Two Seasons, the concerto for oboe and orchestra, which Janusch and the Hawaiʻi Symphony Orchestra will perform on November 9 and 10 at the Blaisdell Concert Hall, in celebration of this special oboe.

This special presentation is connected to the Hawai’i Symphony Orchestra performance of Dr. Jon Magnussen’s Nā Kau ʻElua | The Two Seasons on November 9 and 10.

Image courtesy of video from Howarth of London