Career Resources for Alumni

The Office of Career Services is here to support you even after you’ve graduated.

Career Transition Advising
You can schedule an in-person or phone appointment with a career development specialist.

Networking Tips
One of the most powerful career development strategies is networking. Here are some tips for networking like a pro.

Online Tools
Browse our job search resources we recommend for alumni.

Contact the Office of Career Services for more information on resources for alumni.

Hire West Oʻahu Students and Alumni

Post jobs
Find great candidates for jobs by posting them on our free online job boards. It’s easy to do.

Enhance a student’s academic, career, and personal development by providing an internship
At UH West Oʻahu, we recognize the value of experiential learning. All seniors must complete a capstone course where they have an option to participate in a Senior Project (typically a research paper done on a topic of interest to the student) or the Senior Practicum (120-hour experiential learning project, working with a professional(s) in an area of interest to the student, typically off-campus, for credit). The benefits of experiential learning opportunities such as internships and practica are numerous for both employer and student. Learn more below and/or contact us for more information. We are happy to work with you to create, promote, and recruit applicants for your internship.

Represent Your Organization at a Career Fair
Career Services sponsors various career fairs throughout the year. These events provide excellent opportunities to meet qualified candidates.

Mentor Pueo Students

Join UH Connect
Through UH Connect, alumni can offer career advice and guidance to students and fellow alumni with career questions. To sign up, visit

Serve as an ‘Ike loa (To seek knowledge) Host
Being an ‘Ike loa Host allows UH West Oʻahu students a chance to observe alumni professionals in careers of interest to them and learn about the ins and outs of a particular industry. To sign up, visit