Aloha Employers! Mahalo for your interest in hiring UH West Oʻahu students and alumni. The best way to connect with our students and alumni is through Handshake. Creating a profile is free. Once connected with us (University of Hawaii West Oahu), you will be able to post jobs and events, and invite students at UHWO and other universities on Handshake. As UHWO connected employer on Handshake, you will receive invitations to participate in our career fairs and other career events. 

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If you have any questions, please contact us at uhwo.careers@hawaii.edu or by phone at (808) 689-2660.

On-Campus Recruiting Policy

Employers that meet our on-campus recruitment policy are encouraged to recruit our students. All organizations must meet the On-Campus Recruiting Policy to participate:
  1. Must meet all state and federal labor standards.
  2. Must offer regular/base salaries (commission only, multi-level marketing, direct sales, door-to-door, home-based business, domestic employment, or “business opportunity” recruitment and postings are not allowed).
  3. Must represent their organization honestly and with complete information.
  4. Must not offer employment/opportunity contingent upon a fee paid by candidate.
  5. Must not offer an opportunity as an independent contractor or to start own business.
  6. Must not include the solicitation or sale of products or services during the recruiting process.
  7. Must not recruit for a position whose duties will involve the on-campus sale or promotion of products or services to UH West Oʻahu students, faculty or staff (e.g. Campus Brand Ambassadors).
  8. Must not require, at the time of application, personal information (e.g. bank and social security numbers).
Post a job or internship opportunity

Enhance a student’s academic, career, and personal development by providing an internship

At UH West O’ahu, we recognize the value of experiential learning. All seniors must complete a capstone course where they have an option to participate in a Senior Project (typically a research paper done on a topic of interest to the student) or the Senior Practicum (120-hour experiential learning project, working with a professional(s) in an area of interest to the student, typically off-campus, for credit). The benefits of experiential learning opportunities such as internships and practica are numerous for both employer and student. Learn more below and/or contact us for more information. We are happy to work with you to create, promote, and recruit applicants for your internship.

Represent Your Organization at a Career Fair

Career Services sponsors various career fairs throughout the year. These events provide excellent opportunities to meet qualified candidates. Connect with us on Handshake and receive invitations to participate in our fairs.