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Math project at UH West Oʻahu hiring student mentors and more


Image courtesy of Monstera from Pexels

University of Hawaiʻi–West Oʻahu students who enjoy math may want to consider becoming mentors called PALs, or Peer Academic Leaders — which includes pay, leadership experience, further development of math skills, and much more — as part of a project that increases motivation and persistence in mathematics teacher preparation at UH West Oʻahu.

The Broadening Engagement in Mathematics Participation and Readiness Education Project (BE-MathPREP) is a 3-year project with nearly $300,000 funded by the National Science Foundation and lead by Dr. Veny Liu (principal investigator), Dr. Laurie James (co-principal investigator), and Dr. Esther Widiasih (co-principal investigator).

“The project aims to serve the national interest by enhancing practices to increase motivation and persistence in mathematics teacher preparation,” Liu said. “In particular, implementing a tiered-mentorship model at UH West Oʻahu.”

The BE-MathPREP mentoring model in the UH West Oʻahu pre-service math teacher preparation program uses a multilayered structured program in which lower-division math students are mentored by PALs, who, in turn, will be mentored by professionals — math faculty via the PAL program and in-service teachers via Math Teacher’s Circle at Hawaii (MaTCH) sessions.

In an effort to carry out the project, the following opportunities are available:

  • BE-MathPREP is currently hiring a tutor coordinator and administrative assistant. The job posting will be open until Dec. 3, 2021.
  • For Spring 2022 through Fall 2023, BE-MathPREP is recruiting up to 20 students each semester to be a part of the project staff as PALs to assist lower-division math courses — Math 100, Math 103 ML, Math 103, Math 115, Math 140X, and Math 241. The job posting (UH Login required) can be found under the title, “BE-MathPREP Peer Academic Leader.”
  • The project is also inviting in-service math teachers to be MaTCH mentors and MaTCH participants by providing various incentives to the participants, such as stipends and Professional Development Credits.

Liu encourages students to consider applying to become PALS because aside from reasonable student pay, the PAL program will awaken and nurture students’ passion and interest in the math teaching profession or in STEM fields, she said.

“Through PALs’ engagement in the foundational math courses and MaTCH sessions, PALs will be mentored by their peers, the math faculty, and in-service teachers to mentor lower-division math students,” Liu said. “PALs will strengthen their mathematical content knowledge as well as gain leadership and teaching skills through this rewarding experience.”

If you have questions or want more information about any of these opportunities, email

Image courtesy of Monstera from Pexels