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Mathematics, Natural and Health Sciences
D 119
Associate Professor of Mathematics

My research in math can be described as the applications of dynamical systems to problems in real world. Dynamical systems is a subfield of math, and it is a fascinating study about how a system evolves throughout time. The study especially pays attention to the effects of parameter changes.

You probably have heard some of the things we study like periodic orbits, chaos, or, the butterfly effects. Some of the models I am currently developing through the lens of dynamical systems include El Nino and Southern Oscillations (ENSO), glacial cycles, snowball earth, as well as traditional Hawaiian fishponds. Indeed, Dynamical systems is a very useful tool to study systems in the real world with applications anywhere from fish population to the Target stores stock policy.

Ph.D. University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

M.S. University of Minnesota - Twin Cities 

B.A. Saint Cloud State University, MN 

2013-Present: Faculty
University of Hawai‘i–West O‘ahu

2010-2013: Postdoctoral Fellow
University of Arizona

  • Math 103 and Math 103ML College Algebra
  • Pre Calculus - Trigonometry
  • Math 241 - 244 (or equivalent), All Calculus sequences
  • Linear Algebra and Differential Equations
  • Statistics
  • Mathematical Modeling

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In the Summer of 2019, I am developing mathematical models to study the water quality of Mokauea Fishpond, particularly to understand its circulation and temperature profile. The result of the study will be shared back with the community stakeholder, Mokauea Fishermen's Association so that they might decide on steps to improve the fishpond conditions.

Together with a few students, I will also be developing course materials utilizing real time in situ monitoring data of the tidal height, dissolved oxygen, as well as temperature data housed by The course materials are aimed for classroom activities from middle school to college levels. The course materials will be shared with other faculty and educators who are interested in the connection between math, fishpond, as well as in perpetuating the spirit of Mokauea island.

This study is funded by NSF TCUP SGR Award #1819953.

Ola I Ka Aina (NSF TCUP TSIP Award # HRD2054434) -$500k award to infuse math and sustainable community food system curricula based on trans-disciplinary studies of a fishpond restoration. The project highlights a collaboration of UHWO faculty with LCC faculty as well as a Native Hawaiian expert in fishpond restoration, Ali'i Miner, from Kuhialoko.

Dynamics of Mokauea Fishpond, (NSF TCUP SGR Award # HRD1461439) - $116k award to study the circulation and water quality properties of Mokauea fishpond. 

The Kikaha STEM Project (NSF TCUP ICE -TI Award # HRD14161439) - $750k award to create and enhance innovative instruction, curriculum design, and program development in STEM courses and concentrations at University of Hawai‘i–West O‘ahu.

Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics

Lokahi Canoe Club

Budget and Resource Committee

Institute of Engaged Scholarship Advisory Board