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How some politicians choose their voters is topic of upcoming seminar


Image courtesy of Unsplash / Tiffany Tertipes

Every ten years after the census is complete, each state redraws its districts for the U.S. House of Representatives and its own state legislature. Who draws the lines?

Find out at the online event, “Math + Science + X Seminar: Dr. Ranjan Rohatgi presents ‘Who draws the lines? How some politicians choose their voters’,” 10 to 11 a.m. on Friday, April 30, via Zoom. Click here to register; Zoom meeting ID is 926 7212 0798.

Dr. Ranjan Rohatgi
Dr. Ranjan Rohatgi

Rohatgi is an assistant professor in the Department of Mathematics & Computer Science at Saint Mary’s College in Indiana.

“We’ll discuss how some states make it easy for politicians to gerrymander — draw districts to favor or disfavor one party or group — and how we can detect it when it occurs,” Rohatgi explained via an event flyer.

He continued, “We’ll also look at some proposed fixes, including political commissions (Hawaiʻi has one of these) and independent commissions. Additionally, I’ll explain some of the work I’m doing as a member of the Indiana Citizens Redistricting Commission.”

Math + Science + X seminars help to promote fascinating and current STEM topics. UH West Oʻahu faculty members Dr. Olivia George and Dr. Veny Liu received SEED IDEAS funding through UH Mānoa to invite and select presenters to introduce UH West Oʻahu undergraduates to a variety of STEM research and career opportunities that incorporate transdisciplinary knowledge through the Math + Science + X seminars, as well as to enhance the UH West O’ahu faculty transdisciplinary knowledge and incorporate it into the Natural Science curricula by hosting a two-day workshop for faculty in May.

The speakers for the seminars: Kehaulani Kupihea (April 9), Dr. Rosalyn La Pier (April 16), Lorena Wada (April 23), Dr. Ranjan Rohatgi (April 30), and Tara Meggett (May 7); and speakers for the two-day faculty workshop are Drs. Todd Campbell and Ohkee Lee (May 18), and Dr. Pratim Sengupta (May 19).

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Image courtesy of Dr. Ranjan Rohatgi

Image courtesy of Unsplash / Tiffany Tertipes