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Students discuss fractal geometry and ‘traveling salesman problem’ at seminar


Image courtesy of Freepik

Two University of Hawaiʻi–West Oʻahu students will present their math Senior Projects at the next Math + Science + X Seminar, 10 to 11 a.m. on Friday, April 22, via Zoom.

Archana-Gayle Delos Reyes will present, “Fractal Geometry: Fun with Fractals.” According to a project description by Delos Reyes, “Math is always found to be one of the most difficult subjects in education. But despite the difficulty, there is beauty in it that not many get the chance to see. One topic is fractal geometry, a topic that is said to cause an uncanny form of magic.”

Delos Reyes continues, “What exactly are fractals? How can it be used? How are they created? What benefits can be obtained by understanding and applying fractals? In this presentation, I hope to share how fun it can be — to not only those part of the mathematics community but to everyone — by presenting its geometric pattern, phenomenon, and application to different topics.”

Micah Kitaoka will present, “The Traveling Salesman Problem.” According to a project description by Kitaoka, “I need to go to the Mililani Town Center to pick up dinner for my family. Unfortunately, everyone ordered something different. What would be the shortest trip possible to pick up all of the food/drink? This example is inspired by the ‘traveling salesman problem’ from Graph Theory. The presentation will show the process and methods of solving this problem.”

Both Delos Reyes and Kitaoka are Bachelor of Science in Natural Science-Applied Mathematics students.

Math + Science + X seminars help the Mathematics, Natural, and Health Sciences Department at UH West Oʻahu promote fascinating, interesting, and current topics that are happening in STEM. STEM community members around the island, mainland, and within the university are invited to give presentations. Each seminar is geared to introduce UH West Oʻahu undergraduates, faculty, staff, and interested community members to a variety of research and career development or opportunities.

Click here to join the event. Zoom meeting ID is 920 1538 4200 and passcode is MSX2022. For more information, email

Image courtesy of Freepik