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Transformative Learning

The Institute for Research & Engaged Scholarship (IRES) is committed to supporting engaged teaching, research and scholarship at the University of Hawaiʻi–West Oʻahu. This includes collaborating with faculty and staff and supporting curriculum, campus life and community engaged teaching. Engaged scholarship is a form of scholarship that involves collaborative and reciprocal relationships between university campus communities (faculty, staff, undergraduate students) and our surrounding communities to exchange knowledge, share resources, transform society and advance community interests. It differs from basic social and scientific research which often serves the interests of individuals and academic institutions. IRES believes that the university experience should be conducted in the active pursuit of transforming society. Participation in engaged scholarship is a fundamental part of faculty teaching & undergraduate  experience that offers students the opportunity to prepare for real-world careers and graduate school. 

IRES seeks to support with innovative projects, inclusion of undergraduate research as it provides a supportive space for students to:

  • Think critically and out of the box
  • Be active and engaged in knowledge acquisition and application
  • Learn of specific and regional place-based knowledges, diverse languages and customs, stories, histories and political states of Hawaiʻi and Oceania as a region where the Hawaiian islands exist
  • Ask fundamental questions about the needs of people and communities and engage in the quest for serving the public good at the local, national and international scale

IRES supports undergraduate students as they pursue their scholarly interests by

  • Connecting community organizations with professors & courses that provide students with undergraduate research & service learning experience.
  • Seek funding as requested by divisions and professors to support undergraduate research and study experiences and curriculum development
  • Cultivate opportunities to publish and disseminate creative scholarly results within Hawaiʻi, Oceania and globally
  • Support undergraduates who are seeking to apply for graduate research programs at the masters level through advising and supporting graduate school applications
  • Establishing research resources in tandem with the Undergraduate Research and Creative Works Symposium 

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Student Engagement News

The latest news on UH West Oʻahu’s students engaged in undergraduate research.

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Events and Opportunities

Awa and Talanoa Sessions Campus Community Engagement Learning with Community

Information and resources on IRES events and opportunities, including training, certification programs, professional development, etc.

IRES Forums, Workshops & Seminars – Professional Development

Check back for IRES Professional development opportunities.

Grants Training
IRES works in connection with the UH System’s Office of Research Services (ORS) under the Office of the Vice President of Research & Innovation to submit and monitor research grants through the UH MyGrants portal

Getting into the competitive grants space can be incredibly daunting. IRES is here to support and guide with professors. Professors and Staff members undertaking research projects are however, strongly advised to use the ORS training websites, as well as the trainings available on the funders websites, such as (but not limited to):

Office of Research Services UH MyGrant Training Site Trainings

Fastlane (National Science Foundation NSF) Help (Online grants management for the NSF community) Help


Past Projects

P.I.K.O. Project Learning Communities


The UH West Oʻahu P.I.K.O. Project (focused on increasing enrollment, retention, and graduation, particularly among Native Hawaiians) contributed to the development of a high-skilled, high-wage workforce.