Title IX Training

In accordance with the Title IX regulations adopted on May 6, 2020, [34 CFR Part 106.45(b)(10)(i)(D)], the following training/materials were used to train Title IX Coordinators, investigators, decision-makers and individuals who assist with the Informal Resolution process.

New Title IX Regulations Training Modules

To assist institutions of higher education working to comply with the new rule, Thompson Coburn’s Higher Education Practice has created a free, online lecture series that provides foundational training for those individuals who will be administering the new Title IX process this fall, including Title IX coordinators, investigators, advisors, hearing officers, and appeal officers. The training must cover certain, specified concepts, and institutions must post any training materials they use to their external websites, making them available to the public. Thompson Coburn’s training series has been designed specifically to assist institutions with fulfilling these requirements.
On August 5th, 2020, Thompson Coburn granted UH West Oahu permission to post the following six modules on our campus Title IX Training webpage.  All UHWO Title IX Coordinators, Investigators, Employee and Student Process Advisor, Decision Makers/Appeals Officers, and individuals involved with our Informal Resolution process were trained using these resources.

Visit www.thompsoncoburn.com/TitleIXMaterials to find slide decks for each Module.


Watch the UH West O‘ahu Compliance offices’ Consent video. Using a popular Hawaiian dish, the “loco moco” video attempts to show how an individual may give consent before sexual activity occurs.

Other available resources

The U.S. Department of Education  has also provided Title IX regulation materials to help explain how Title IX promises equal access to education for all students and protection against discrimination on the basis of sex.