University of Hawai'i - West O'ahu

Emergency Information

Campus information related to COVID-19 (coronavirus) can be found our COVID-19 Campus Information page, general University of Hawaiʻi System information can be found on the UH System COVID-19 page.

In case of emergency …

When appropriate, the University will alert faculty, staff and students via email and/or UH Alert. Social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter may be used as well.

General Safety Information

Be AWARE: Crime occurs when there is opportunity, so limit the risk.

  • Don’t leave your valuables unattended or unsecured.
  • Lock your office doors when you step out of your office or leave for the day.
  • Avoid risky situations; take notice of your surroundings.

Be ALERT: Stay current on the latest risks and vulnerabilities

  • Notice if there are signs of suspicious activity (blocking of doors or exits, pry marks, tampering) or suspicious people hanging around your area.
  • Sign up for UH Alert Emergency Notifications at

Be SAFE: Keep at a safe distance if you encounter a potential danger.

  • Don’t confront or corner a suspicious person or persons.
  • Make note of physical description and actions of the person(s).
  • After dark, walk with friends or call Campus Security for an escort at (808) 689-2911

REPORT: If you observe a suspicious person or activity, contact Campus Security at (808) 689-2911 to report the activity.

  • If a serious crime is occurring on or off campus, call 911 immediately.
  • Program the Campus Security number (808) 689-2911 into your mobile phone.
  • Use one of the Emergency Call Boxes (blue light) located on campus, these connect directly to the security officer on duty.

Emergency Response Poster

The printed copies of this poster are displayed around the UH West O‘ahu campus. Most are located in classrooms, laborartories and other indoor spaces adjacent to an exit. You can also download a digital version below.

UH West O‘ahu Emergency Response Poster (PDF)

In case of emergency, call 911


for Campus Security

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