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Tuition Refunds

Campus Policy: Tuition and Fees

In the event a student initiates a complete/partial withdrawal from the University, a change from full-time to part-time status, or a change from one tuition rate to another, tuition will be refunded. To view the refund dates for summer session and accelerated classes that meet for periods other than the entire term, view the schedule of classes and click the CRN for the class. For more information, view the UH West Oʻahu General Catalog (Tuition and Fees section).

See the UH Tuition Refund Policy on MyUH Services.

Fall 2019


If you drop or withdraw before          And if you paid, you get…
September 3, 2019       100% Refund
September 17, 2019       50% Refund
After September 17, 2019       0% Refund

Mandatory Student Fee Refund

100% of the mandatory student fees will be refunded if the student completely withdraws from all UH system campuses on or before the last day of late registration. Students registering for classes that do not begin until the second or third accelerated periods will not be refunded fees unless a complete withdrawal is processed from all UH system campuses on or before the first day of instruction.


All refund checks are sent via the U.S. Postal Service unless the student signs up for the eRefunds option. This system deposits refunds directly into the student’s personal bank account for faster access. More information on eRefunds.