Staff Enrichment

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The Office of Professional Development and Academic Support (OPDAS) recognizes that people are our most important resource for sustaining teaching and learning excellence. 

To enhance the ability of staff members to contribute to their departments and to provide career satisfaction for productive employees, OPDAS is committed to supporting ongoing staff enrichment for any staff member. Staff development through enrichment opportunities leads to growth in an individualʻs knowledge, skills, and personal effectiveness.

The goal of staff enrichment opportunities is for all staff members to make the maximum contribution to their departments, while having opportunities to develop their talents, to acquire and use new skills, and thus to achieve greater career effectiveness and satisfaction. 

OPDAS collaborates with the Human Resources department to provide staff enrichment programs. The selection of topics is guided by the results of periodic surveys of staff professional development interests.

UH West Oʻahu Kumupaʻa Staff Award


The UH West Oʻahu Staff Kumupaʻa award recognizes a civil service or administrative professional and technical (APT) employee for outstanding demonstrated work performance, service, leadership and/or fostering of excellence in higher education.


Any full-time civil service or APT employee who has been employed continuously for no less than twelve (12) consecutive months at UH West Oʻahu is eligible for nomination.

Criteria for Selection

  • Making significant improvement in the services of the university;
  • Showing imaginative or creative solutions to difficult department or university problems;
  • Taking an active interest and participating in department or university affairs;
  • Having a good record of competence and sustained efficiency;
  • Demonstrating integrity and dedication to UH West Oʻahu’s mission and Pahuhopu (institutional values);
  • Contributing to the increased efficiency of the university of the system through such means as eliminating unnecessary duplication, economically combining operations, procedures, reports and/or forms, or eliminating water, fire health or accident hazards.