Welcome to OPDAS

Welcome to Office of Professional Development & Academic Support (OPDAS)

OPDAS operates with an inclusive philosophy grounded in the principles of leadership, innovative scholarship and pedagogy, and institutional sustainability. OPDAS supports faculty, staff, and lecturers through consistent informational and interactive workshops that ultimately benefit our 21st-century UH West Oʻahu student learners. OPDAS engages faculty, staff, and lecturers as an evolving community committed to teaching and learning excellence in Hawai‘i (po‘okela).

How we can help

To enhance the ability of staff members to contribute to their departments and to provide career satisfaction for productive employees, OPDAS is committed to supporting ongoing staff enrichment for any staff member. Staff development through enrichment opportunities leads to growth in an individualʻs knowledge, skills, and personal effectiveness.

OPDAS develops and expands quality professional development for UH West Oʻahu instructional faculty, faculty specialists, and lecturers. Through a variety of programs, resources and services, OPDAS is an information and support “hub” for faculty development needs and interests. The goals of OPDAS for teaching and learning excellence are aligned with the UH West Oʻahu Pahuhopu (institutional values).

OPDAS is proud to recognize the faculty and staff of UH West Oʻahu who have been honored for their contributions to the success of our students and the quality of campus life.