Putting the Fun in College

Putting the Fun in College
Sabrina Magdato
Finding time to do extra-curricular activities during the school semester is tough. But it is the “extra” stuff we do outside of college that make the journey worthwhile! It’s important to make time to do things that you enjoy, to break up the craziness of college. Tennis is my go-to stress reliever. On weekends, I compete with my USTA (United States Tennis Association) tennis team, #Team96797 and we go around the island challenging other teams. It’s a great way for me to get out of the house.
The best way for me to find time is to plan my week ahead of time; organizing what I should do for the day helps me stay on track and ensures I’ll get to play tennis. Sometimes school can be a handful, but reserving those few hours to play tennis keeps me sane. Having the right hobby to keep a balance between school life your personal life is important to be healthy and strong to survive the school year.
 Here are some tips to finding the activity that fits you:
  • Try things with your friends: Sometimes all you need is a buddy to go out with you and try new stuff.
  • Join school clubs: It’s a great way to find people who have something in common with, and that could possibly help you to explore new things and possibly go out more.
  • Just take a break: It’s not all about finding one thing that could help you relax or destress. You could just take extra naps on the weekends or even just go to the beach. Taking the time not to overwhelm yourself can help you ease your mind.