The No’eau Center opened its doors in 2007 when the University of Hawai’i—West Oahu was located in Pearl City. Today, the No'eau Center houses tutoring, testing, and workshops at the Kapolei campus. With over 15 tutors and 5 full-time staff members, the Center provides academic support and success services for the UH-West O'ahu community.





 Students received services from the No'eau Center


3.1 GPA

No'eau users' GPA is higher than average institutional GPA


2,217 Sessions

Includes in-person and online tutoring sessions


1,018 Tests

UH and non-UH tests at the No'eau Testing Center


The No‘eau Center experienced high student usage during Spring 2016, with over 3,360 students coming in. At its peak, 343 students used No‘eau Center services in one day. (Note: These numbers reflect students physically in the center and do not include those who receive online support).   This term, the No‘eau Center operated with its director, one full-time testing coordinator, one full-time tutor coordinator, and three full-time and one part-time staff member. Student employees consisted of 19 student leaders, including 10 writing tutors, 5 math tutors, 3 accounting tutors, 1 microbiology tutor, and 3 statistics tutors. (Note: Many student leaders worked in more than one content or skill area, so these numbers overlap).   Aside from testing and tutoring, the center offers laptops, desktops, iPads, and printers for student usage as another valuable service. The No‘eau Center hosted 17 student success workshops and two two-day events--West and Welaxation for midterms and Cram Jam during the last week of classes.


Figure 1. Semester Comparisons

Semester UHWO Enrollment Number of Students Serviced Percent of Student Body Serviced Total Number of Tutoring Sessions
FALL 2013 2,361 607 26% 1,715
SPRING 2014 2,179 888 41% 1,360
FALL 2014 2,661 851 32% 1,872
SPRING 2015 2,344 787 34% 1,406
FALL 2015 2,692 863 a 32% 1,389
SPRING 2016 2,526 1,240 49% 1,763
FALL 2016 2,939 1,511 51% 2,217

Data does not include large events such as: Workshops, West and Welaxation, and Cram Jam for this semester.  

The No‘eau Center saw a 26 percent increase in the number of tutoring sessions during Fall 2016 in comparison to Spring 2016. Moreover, the No‘eau Center saw a 60 percent increase in the number of tutoring sessions in Fall 2016 as compared to Fall 2015. While student enrollment rose in Fall 2016, growth in students serviced by the center kept pace, with the No’eau Center increase in the percentage of the student body serviced (from 49 percent in Spring 2016 to 51 percent in Fall 2016). Face to face tutoring accounted for 46 percent of tutoring sessions for Fall 2016, while asynchronous online tutoring accounted for 52 percent and synchronous (phone) tutoring accounted for 0.1 percent. These numbers show that while the number of face-to-face tutoring sessions decreased by 13 percent as compared to Spring 2016, the number of distance tutoring sessions increased 21 percent (including phone and online sessions).




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