What does the Noeau Center do?

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Our three main services are tutoring, testing, and workshops. These services are free to UH students.

Do I need to utilize a service to visit the Noeau Center?

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You do not have to visit with the intent of scheduling a tutoring or testing appointment. The Noeau Center is an open space to all students. Students often visit the center because it is an area to buy/eat food, hang-out, or study.

Where is the Noeau Center located?

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The No'eau Center is located on the 2nd floor of the library (right above the library entrance) in room 203.

Is it true that the Noeau Center sells food?

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Yes! We sell a variety of food! We also have a free snack table.

If you can buy food in the Noeau Center, can you eat in there too?

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Yes, you can! The Noeau Center is a green zone in the library. In green zones, food and drink may be consumed. In yellow zones, dry snacks and drinks may be consumed. In red zones, no food or drinks may be consumed.

Does the Noeau Center have any events?

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We have events throughout the semester such as Open House, Cram Jam, West and Welaxation, and more!

Are there computers we can use in the Noeau Center?

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We have desktop computers which can be utilized by anyone. Also,we have Dell and Mac laptops; scientific and financial calculators; and other resources which may be borrowed.


What type of tutoring does the Noeau Center offer?

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We offer tutoring for all subjects; however, some of our most popular subjects include writing, math, statistics and more. If you are not available for an in-person appointment, we also offer phone/skype sessions as well as an online paper submission found here. If you submit your paper through our online submission form, your paper will be returned via email in 2-3 business days.

If I am required to visit the Noeau Center for a class, what do I do?

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Refer to your professor or course syllabus for requirements on your visit. Some professors may require you attend a workshop and receive a signed slip as evidence of your visit or have your paper reviewed by a tutor.

Can I schedule a group tutoring session?

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Yes, you can! Group sessions are available but be sure to notify the staff member scheduling your appointment.


How would I take a test at the Noeau Center?

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Make sure to communicate with your professor to ensure he/she sends the exam materials and testing form to us. Afterward, you can call or visit us in person to schedule an appointment to take your exam. It is possible to walk-in (not schedule an appointment) for an exam; however, this does not guarantee you will be able to take the exam that day. ADA accommodations or use of special equipment require at least 1 - 2 weeks advance notification. Visit our testing page for more details.

Do I have to pay to take the Accuplacer Math Test?

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As a UH student, the Accuplacer math test is free the first time you take it; however, there is a $25 for each retake, unless your score is no longer valid. If you plan to retake the Accuplacer math test, the fee must be paid at the registrar  located in C141. Please bring the receipt with you when taking your exam.

Can I take an exam from a non-UH College at the Noeau Center?

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Yes, you can! For non-UH System exams, a fee must be paid at the registrar in C141. The fee is $25 per hour or $25 per section of the Accuplacer (math, writing, or reading). Please bring the receipt when you take your exam. Additionally, please communicate with the exam’s originating institution to ensure the exam will be available.


What type of workshops are offered at the Noeau Center?

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You can visit this page for a list of all our workshops at our Workshops page. Workshops can be scheduled for an individual or group. Visit the link given above for more information.

What is the Online RaW Workshop Series?

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Our Online RaW (Research and Writing) Workshop Series is an academic series offered online that focuses on assisting students development their researching and writing skills. For more information on the workshop series schedule, check out this website: