Four UHWO College Hacks from our No’eau Staff

Whether it’s your last semester or your first time being on the UHWO campus, these four college hacks will help make “the struggle” a bit more comfortable.

  1. Come 10 minutes after classes are pau [done] for parking.

Your first class doesn’t start till 11, and by that time the student parking lot is FULL. You can still nab a slot in student parking and avoid the overflow by coming 10 minutes after classes are finished. By the time you arrive, students will be in their cars driving off campus for work, to grab lunch etc., and bam you’re up front like a VIP! – Lehua

  1. Bring a jacket (with a hoodie).

Jackets are multipurpose tools, especially on our campus! Their primary purpose is to fight the cold drift of AC away in those hour+ long classes and in the library, but if you’re into the cold the jacket can be used for other things. They can be used as sitting mats on the Great Lawn, shade from the sun, and that hoodie comes in handy when it starts to rain on campus. Because when it rains, it POURS. – Jahzeiah

[It’s a GIF]–

  1. Schedule your appointments like now.
    Appointments to see an academic advisor, to take upcoming tests, or to schedule a tutoring appointment; schedule them as soon as possible! Academic advising can sometimes to be booked up, our testing center is tiny (seven seats total), and our tutors are students like you – so they may not be available all the time. It’s much easier to cancel an already made appointment than it is to come in last minute, praying for a hail Mary, and then not being able to get what you wanted done. – Paige
  2. Set manageable goals for homework and study sessions

This seems like common sense, but mapping out your assignment deadlines once you get your syllabi for your classes can help determine how much time will be spent towards studying. This ensures that you’re not doing too much work, but it also helps you avoid the slippery slope of procrastination and unproductivity. – Ronie

We hope these tips will come in handy as you start on your academic journey this fall. Of course, spread this awesome news with your fellow friends and peers!