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The No'eau Center is a learning center at the University of Hawai 'i-West O'ahu. Its mission is to provide academic support through testing services, peer-tutoring, workshops, and other support services to help students succeed at UH West O‘ahu. The mission of the No‘eau Center is to promote life-long learning by helping students at all levels of ability to gain the skills necessary to learn effectively, confidently, and independently.


Tutoring Structure

Peer-Tutoring Assistance

The No‘eau Center's peer-tutors provide free assistance to students on academic writing assignments in all disciplines as well as all subject fields at the University of Hawai'i-West O'ahu. Peer-tutors can help students in the following areas:

  • Critical thinking skills
  • Discover and develop topics
  • Generate information to support ideas
  • Organize information
  • Refine the style of a paper
  • Assist students through their writing process

Peer-tutoring is offered by appointment, on a walk-in basis, and online both asynchronously and synchronously. Students may schedule an appointment by either emailing, calling, or visiting the Center.

Models of Tutoring

Harvard Model of Writing Tutoring The No'eau Center follows the Harvard Model of Tutoring. Per best practices, the Harvard Model seeks to promote student writing development. More specifically, tutors assist students to improve their writing skills rather than create better writing. Our tutors are undergraduate students (non-experts) who are trained to respond to readers challenges and/or issues on clarity, structure, and argument. Like the Harvard Model, our tutors do not edit, fix, or proofread essays. Instead, tutors provide guidance through brainstorming, modeling, and scaffolding strategies and techniques. Likewise, tutors are trained to first focus on higher-order concerns (i.e. assignment guidelines and questions, argumentation, and structure of essay); if time allows and the previous concerns have been met, then tutors will focus on lower-order concerns (i.e. formatting, spelling, grammar). In this way, tutors seek to model the writing process from brainstorming, drafting, and revisions. 

University of Missouri Model of Subject Tutoring Based on best practices of subject tutoring, the No'eau Center follows the University of Missouri model of subject tutoring/supplemental instruction. Our tutors are undergraduate students (non-experts) who are trained to respond to student challenges and/or issues on understanding problems/concepts, learning development, and exam preparation. Like the UM model, our tutors do not give answers, fix, or correct student work. Instead, tutors provide guidance through brainstorming, modeling, and scaffolding strategies and techniques. Likewise, tutors are trained to first focus on identifying student needs, then move towards developing a learning environment that best meets those needs, such as modeling, exam preparation, practicing problems, etc.

Other Tutoring FAQs


Best practices for tutoring ELL students suggest a certified specialist work with ELL students to best meet student needs. Currently, UHWO does not have a certified ELL specialist for tutoring. While our tutors go through training in best practices for assisting ELL students, our undergraduate students (non-experts) aren't certified to appropriately address all ELL student needs. 

International Tutor Training Certification

All No'eau Center tutors are trained and certified under the CRLA International Tutor Training Program Certification (ITTPC). In order to obtain certification, No'eau Center tutors are required to complete a rigorous application process and a 20-hr tutor training, as well as several hours of tutor shadowing and team-tutoring prior to working as a peer-tutor (non-expert) within the No'eau Center. 


Writing Intensive Courses

Faculty interested in teaching a WI course can access resources on Laulima at WOA Faculty Info Resources. WI Workshop Online Training videos are available for detailed information on WI requirements.

Resource Tools

For more writing resources, refer to our  Writing Resources page.


Proctoring Forms and Procedures Are you a faculty member within the UH system and need a test proctored? Please review this section for more information on the documents needed for the University of Hawai'i-West O'ahu Test Center to proctor your exam, test, or quiz. 

  • Submit a completed Proctor Request form at least (5) business days prior to the start of the testing window.
  • The Proctor Request Form DOES NOT establish your student's test appointment. The student must make their own test appointment
  • Discuss exam guidelines with your students. If you allow a student to have access to unauthorized items in the test room such as a personal cell phone or personal computer, you (the instructor) will need to provide a written statement.
  • In order to ensure test integrity, changes or corrections to exams will NOT be made by No'eau staff. A revised test must be submitted.
  • If an exam is submitted electronically to be printed, the exam document will be printed in it's entirety exactly as submitted. Please make sure to delete any answer keys or instructor notes.
  • Submit hard copy exams if: a) individual exams are longer than (12) pages; or b) more than (4) exams are being administered
  • If applicable, submit necessary test materials
  • If your student requires ADA test accommodations, they must complete the following steps:
    • Students must register with the ADA/504 Specialist, Tom Hirsbrunner, J.D. Phone: (808) 689-2935 or Email:hirsbrun@hawaii.edu
    • View the short ADA accommodations video
    • Establish your test appointments 1 - 2 weeks in advance

Faculty testing information & proctor request form

 The Test Office supports faculty and staff professional development. If you are presenting at or attending an approved professional training the test center may be able to proctor your exam. All in-class proctor requests require at least 14 days advance notice and are subject to proctor availability. Please stop by our office, call (808) 689-2752 or email uhwotest@hawaii.edu.


In-Class Workshops Need a workshop presented in your class? The No'eau Center can assist faculty in presenting a variety of workshops geared towards student success!  For more information and to see the objectives for each workshop, click here to see a variety of workshops available. To schedule a workshop, please complete our Class Workshop Form found below.

Don't Cancel Class Just A.S.K. If you aren't able to make it to one of your classes, you can ask the No'eau Center to present one of the above workshops for your class, or ask if a different workshop can be created to meet the needs of your students. Please contact Rebecca Carino, our workshop coordinator, for more information email: rtcarino@hawaii.edu or by phone: (808) 689-2750.

Online Workshop Videos Please link our No'eau Center site as a resource for your students on your Laulima. You are welcome to use our workshop workshops to help expand lessons or develop student skills. Our short, academic resource workshops provide a wealth of information pertaining to student's skills both personally and academically. Please use this link to connect to the No'eau Center workshops.





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