Now you Know: Self Care

Self Care

By Jahzeiah Gadiano and Rebecca Carino

In contrast to the young carefree lifestyle of a college student, the college life can sometimes be brutal. In fact 40% of college students work at least 30 hours a week, and 25% work full time while going to school! With constant time management, there might be moments where you find yourself undoubtedly stressed, very tired, and no amount of coffee will keep you up.
However, taking care of your needs is also very important in succeeding in school. Believe it or not, taking a break for even as short as 15 minutes can help you get re-centered for hours-long studying and homework! Without any form of a break, you will inevitably perform worse than when you started. So to avoid that, here are some self-care tips and tricks to help you power through!
  1. Go for a brisk walk: taking a walk-break from studying can help to reset your attention span as well as clear your mind. A change of scenery might also help you get through that stubborn problem you can’t quite solve, or promote new ideas that you can add into your essays. Remember to take deep breaths and practice lateral breathing (also known as belly breathing). Breathing can help with reducing stress levels as well.
  2. Hop on a current trend: when we say trend it could be as outlandish as doing multiple #challenges with your friends or family or as simple as trying out a self-care trend. For instance, treating your skin to revitalizing sheet masks and wash-off masks can do wonders. It could also be lighting up those seasonal scented candles! Feeling good about yourself can make you more motivated to do work!
  3. Drink tea: While tea has lower caffeine content than coffee, its energy effects are longer and you won’t suffer from the “crash” that comes from sipping those green-branded cups. Black and green teas are both good for a boost of caffeine! Tea is also awesome for other ailments such as anxiety or when you’re feeling under the weather. Check out this list of teas and their benefits.
  1. Listen to music: study playlists on Spotify or Pandora can help you to focus and feel a bit more motivated to do work. Some favorites of ours are classical or instrumental stations to get you into the ultimate study mode! If you don’t want to download these apps Youtube also has 24/7 radio stations. Give this station a try.
  2. Use your resources: as a student at UHWO, there are many resources available to you so that you don’t have to go it alone. Whether it’s a free counseling session with Dr. Taketa or peer tutoring support here at the No’eau Center, there is something that can help you get to a better place.
  3. Take a break at a cute café: “Mr. Tea Café,” “Nice To Meet You Tea House”, and “Coffee or Tea?” are some student-friendly cafes. To add to the free Wifi and tables, the bonus is that you can get some delicious bubble drinks!
We hope you try some of these self-care tips and tricks and we look forward to hearing your thoughts on these. What are some ways you de-stress and take care of your body’s needs?