Know you Now: Events on Campus



All campuses have student events, the question is: should you attend them?  This is an easy piece of advice: yes! Go to campus events as possible. Our campus offers lectures from visiting scholars; student-led events with guest speakers; campus-wide celebrations, and so much more. Try to attend as many events as you can that focus on your particular department. Also, it’s a good idea to explore other events outside of your department to explore topics you’ve never experience or to have a fun college experience! 

Most, if not all, events at our campus are free! If you pay close attention to campus signs, fliers, and emails, you should be reminded again and again about what you can learn and experience while at your university. And, just to remind you, attending your classes are only a small portion of the college experience. How? Well… here’s why:

  • Events are there and available, so it only makes sense to take advantage.
  • You might learn about something you never knew would interest you.
  • You could discover some new aspect of your field to pursue in research or professionally.
  • You might meet people—students, faculty, and community members—you otherwise wouldn’t have crossed paths with. And who knows what could come of that?
  • You learn how to speak, how to organize an event, and how to defend an academic argument.
  • After you graduate, these opportunities are far less frequent, and you will miss them =

Also, the odds are decent there will even be free food and coffee for your troubles.

An example of a semesterly campus event is the No’eau Center’s Cram Jam event. We hosted our Cram Jam event on November 29-30th this semester. Cram Jam is an event that promotes learning, studying, and exam prep. At this event, the No’eau Center hours were extended until 10pm to provide a space for tutoring, studying, and hanging out with peers. At this event, like many of its other events, the No’eau Center offered free food, raffle prizes, and even connected with professors to offer professor-let study sessions!

So, to top off all the general opportunities and general self-improvement and interesting topics offered at our campus events, including free food and prizes, the answer becomes WHY NOT attend campus events?

We encourage you to get out there! Check for emails, fliers, posters, and A-frames around campus. Find out what’s going on in the No’eau Center, Career Services, and your own department on campus. Sign up for our newsletter to keep up to date on No’eau Center events! Also, tell your professors you’re interested in campus events and ask them if there’s anything of particular note to look out for. Ask your friends. Ask in any clubs or organizations you’re part of or go alone and meet people! Just get started! There is so much available to you at the University of Hawai’i-West O’ahu!


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