Citizen Science Month

April 7, 2021 Soledad Lencinas

April is Citizen Science Month, an annual celebration that aims to inspire volunteers to get involved in research to help advance science. Citizen scientists can contribute to projects led by professionals in various fields by assisting with activities such as logging events, recording data, responding to surveys, transcribing information and more.

Celebrate Citizen Science Month by discovering how to help make a difference in the world of science. Get started by visiting SciStarter’s Citizen Science Month page to learn more about citizen science and to see some featured projects in which anyone can get involved. Several project contributions can be done from any location. To read about public participation in citizen science initiatives or crowdsourcing also visit 

Information about other ongoing citizen science projects can be found at:

Projects for history enthusiasts include:

Library Resources

Ebooks about Citizen Science

Selected Databases for Science Research Topics

[About the header image: birds photo by Oldiefan has an open Pixabay license]

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