Accessible PDF documents

There are multiple ways of creating an accessible PDF document.   You will likely need to use a combination of the following tools / software / resources to create an accessible PDF document.

Microsoft Word

PDF Preparation

It's always best to start with the source file if it's available.  If you have the original Word document, this allows you to leverage Microsoft Word's Accessibility Checker, where the interface is much more user-friendly and will minimize the amount of remediations needed in the final PDF document.

Below are AskUs articles on how to use Microsoft Word's Accessibility Checker and how to fix the accessibility errors commonly found in a Word document.

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Checking and Addressing Accessibility Errors

Converting Your Accessible Word Document to PDF

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

PDF Remediation

Even if your PDF was generated from the original source file with accessibility in mind (e.g. with Microsoft Word), your file may still contain PDF accessibility errors.  You'll want to run Adobe Acrobat Pro DC's accessibility checker to review for any remaining errors.

Below are AskUs articles on how to run your PDF through Adobe Acrobat Pro DC's accessibility checker and how to address some of the common errors.

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Checking and Addressing Accessibility Errors contains a large collection of articles that documents how to fix most PDF accessibility errors.  Most articles also have a video screencast of the steps as well.


Need additional help?

If you still have errors that you are struggling to address, please submit a request to our IT Help Desk and we can work with you to resolve any errors you may be having.