Placement & Transfer Credits

UH West O‘ahu’s First Year Composition Program coordinates with enrollment services, student services, the registrar’s office, and the Noʻeau Center to assist students with appropriate and successful placement into UH West O‘ahu’s composition courses. We also work with the registrar’s office, the admissions staff, and the university’s Writing Committee to help students looking to transfer credits from previous composition courses into UH West O‘ahu’s program.

Placement Policies

In order to ensure student success, the UHWO’s First Year Composition Program requires students entering the university to complete an appropriate assessment for placement. There are currently THREE ways to place into UHWO’s ENG 100 or ENG 100T courses.

  1. SCORES. The program currently accepts ACT, SAT, SAT Writing, and AP scores as measures for placement into the program’s courses. Below are the score ranges necessary for placement into ENG 100T and ENG 100 courses.
  2. E-PLACEMENT. If you do not have (or if you choose not to use) any of the test scores listed below, you can submit an e-portfolio of your writing for evaluation using our Google Form, UHWO E-Placement.

    . If you prefer a traditional test session, you can sign up for Accuplacer WritePlacer at:

Scores Option

If you have ACT, COMPASS, SAT, or AP English scores, then you will be placed according to the chart below.

Standardized Test Scores for English Course Placement

English CourseACTE-PlacementAP EnglishSAT WritingAccuplacer
English 10018 or higher3-4AP Language 4 or higher AP Literature 3 or higher475 or higher5 or higher

English 100T: Placement into English 100T is based on meeting he admissions requirements as a degree-seeking student to UH West O‘ahu.

Please note that neither of UH West O‘ahu’s options directly place students into ENG 200.

E-Placement Option

E-Placement (also called E-Portfolio Placement or Authentic Assessment) asks students to share their writing samples and reflect on them using the Google Form, UHWO E-Placement. This option is more holistic in comparison to the other options; it is also the only option that has UWHO teachers of English 100/100T review incoming student writing.

The E-Placement option involves a brief 10-minute video in which you are guided through the process of putting together and submitting two writing samples and a critical reflection. In this way, students are placed into either English 100/100T based upon their writing samples and their critical reading of these samples. We have created this tool so that you can complete placement at your own pace; further, you can use any two writing samples that you have collected throughout your personal, professional, and academic lives.

E-Placement Process.

This online platform is for placing students throughout the year. Because this online platform is available year-long, students using this option must become familiar with the deadlines for review and placement. The following sections explain the process, which directly correlates with our Google Form, UHWO E-Placement. E-placement involves putting together an e-portfolio of your work, and submitting it for review.

How do I compile and submit my e-portfolio for writing placement?

There are four steps for compiling and submitting your e-portfolio.

  • Step 1: Access the Google Form, UHWO E-Placement.
  • Step 2: Watch the orientation video. This orientation video introduces you to each step of the e-portfolio process. You are required to watch this video as part of the selection and submission process.
  • Step 3: Submit writing samples. You are asked to submit two writing samples in .pdf/.doc(x) format. These two writing samples can be from your workplace, your past education, and/or a response to one/two of our writing prompts. These writing prompts are rotated. Currently, we have the following prompts available:
    • Prompt 1: Writing as a Process
    • Prompt 2: Genre Knowledge
  • Step 4: Reflect on your writing samples and your writing experience. In addition to submitting writing samples, you are asked to submit a critically reflective letter in which you discuss your selection process, what writing strategies/skills are strongly seen in your samples, and what writing strategies/skills are in need of further development in your samples
  • Step 5: Submit your work using our Google Form, UHWO E-Placement. Be sure that you are logged into your UH account before accessing the above link.

When would I receive my placement after submitting my e-portfolio?

We are accepting e-placement submissions on a rolling basis. As a result, e-placement submissions will be reviewed and students will be contacted with their scores within 1-2 weeks. For Fall 2024 placement, all e-placement submissions in August will be evaluated and scored within 1 week; submissions are accepted until the first week of instruction.

Accuplacer Option

Students must make an appointment to register for the Accuplacer option, which is an untimed writing assessment. Appointments to take the assessment can be made here:


Who submits an e-placement form or registers for an ACCUPLACER testing session?

You do not have to complete e-placement or register for an ACCUPLACER testing session if you:

  • have current SAT or ACT scores (see Standardized Test Scores for English Course Placement)
    have a score of 4 or higher in AP Language and 3 or higher in AP Literature
  • have a COMPASS writing score (before November 30th, 2016)
  • have opted to automatically enroll in 100T (see our Student Success Policy)

You must submit an e-portfolio or register for a testing session if you:

  • do not have a current ACT/SAT score
    do not have a COMPASS score
  • did not score 4 or higher in AP Language and 3 or higher in AP Literature
  • wish to remain in 100T per our Student Success Policy

Who do I contact for more information?

You may email the writing placement program at with your questions and/or concerns.

What if I require special accommodations?

If you require special accommodations, please contact the writing placement program at

How are e-portfolios or writing samples evaluated?

We evaluate e-portfolios/writing samples using the five outcomes of our first-year writing program on a 4-point scale.

ScaleAlignment with Comp 100 Outcomes
Outstanding (4)Student’s writing demonstrates outstanding proficiency in all five outcomes–genre, criticality, process, awareness, and conventions–with little to no weakness. Writing may demonstrate strategic quoting, clear and detailed explanations, and making connections between thesis and details. Writing may demonstrate appropriate risk-taking, originality, variety, and/or creativity. Writer is strongly recommended for 100.
Strong (3)Student’s writing demonstrates strong proficiency in three to four outcomes that outweighs less proficiency in one or two outcomes. Writing may demonstrate quoting, clear explanations, and making connections between thesis and details. Writing will benefit from 100.
Good (2)Student’s writing strengths in two or three outcomes, outweighing less proficiency in one or two outcomes. Writing may demonstrate quoting abilities, but may lack in clear explanations and making connections between thesis and details. Writer is recommended for 100T.
Acceptable (1)Student’s writing demonstrates competent proficiency in one or two outcomes that outweighs less proficiency in the remaining outcomes. Writing may demonstrate the ability to quote, but may have little to no explanation and connection-making between thesis and details. Writer may demonstrate some inconsistencies as well. Writer will benefit from 100T.

What if I wish to enroll, voluntarily, into ENG 100T?

All students can opt to enroll in ENG 100T because of our Student Success Policy. Please see our Writing Placement Policies–Student Success and Retesting–below.

Student Success Policy

Accepted UHWO students, with the exception of students in Early College programs, are automatically enrolled into 100T if they do not have qualifying ACT/SAT scores. This policy ensures that students can enroll for classes in a timely manner that does not interfere with their academic plan.

Retesting Policy

Because of the time and attention it takes to evaluate e-placement submissions, you cannot make changes or submit another e-placement at this time.