Manage passwords to safeguard online accounts

Protecting your Google accounts—both UH and personal—from hackers is an ongoing process. Fortunately, it is easy to do a quick audit of the password integrity of your accounts as well as associated sites and apps. 

Click your UH Google account profile picture to find the Manage your Google Account button to review Security Checkup details. A Password Checkup will reveal any reused, weak, or compromised passwords. Go to the Password Manager to change or remove saved passwords. Note any third-party apps with access to your data. If you no longer use the apps, remove access.  

Review recent sign-in activity and safe browsing options on your personal Google account’s Security page. Scroll down to Your email address may have been found on the dark web to run a scan with Google One. The scan provides a list of data breaches that have leaked your email and passwords. You may find your email address included in well-publicized breaches and covert combo lists. Take action. Change compromised passwords and be alert for email phishing scams. 

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