Google Apps support active learning

A recent Faculty Focus article, Unleashing the Power of Active Learning, explores options for integrating learning activities into online courses. While third-party tools can create engaging experiences, they can also add a layer of complexity for the learner, who may be asked to navigate to an unfamiliar site, open an account, and remember another password. 

To simplify learning activities, consider easy-to-use digital tools available through the UH Google Apps menu. Interested in whiteboard collaboration activities? Start a Google Jamboard to provide students with a shared space to add text boxes, sticky notes, images, and freehand annotations. Looking for a quiz tool? Enable the quiz elements in Google Forms to ask questions, capture answers, and assign points. See the linked video tutorials below for details.

How to Use Google Jamboard for Remote Teaching (YouTube 12:28)

How to Create a Quiz Using Google Forms (YouTube 11:06)

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