Setting up a Laulima Course Site using the UHWO DE Template 2019

This video will show you how to set up a Laulima site using the UHWO DE Template 2019.

Copy and Paste Questions into Laulima (2018)

Instructions for copying and paste questions in the Assignments, Tests, and Surveys tool.

Using iMovie (2017)

An introduction to the video editing software.

Assignments, Tests, and Surveys (2018)

This video demonstrates how to used the tool in Laulima.

Updating a Laulima Homepage (2018)

A tutorial about customizing the homepage for your Laulima course site.

Adding Captions to YouTube Videos (2018)

This tutorial will explain how to add and edit captions in YouTube videos you have uploaded.

Course Sites in Laulima (2018)

This video will explore the course sites tab in your Laulima site.

Using the Syllabus Tool (2018)

A tutorial will introduce the Syllabus Tool in Laulima.

Importing Course Material (2018)

A guide to importing content from a past course for use in a future course.

Using the Announcement Tool (2018)

An introduction to the Announcement Tool in Laulima.

Introduction to Laulima (2016)

A brief overview of UH's learning management system, Laulima.

Manage and Customize Laulima (2016)

Learn different ways to manage and customize your laulima site.

Schedule, Announcements and Gradebook (2016)

How to use the schedule, announcements and gradebook tool.

Mailtool, Message and Forums (2016)

A brief overview of the communications tools available in Laulima.

Assignments, Tasks, Surveys tool (2016)

A brief overview of the assessment tools available in Laulima.

News, Chatrooms, Clogs, Site Stats (2016)

How to use other available tools in Laulima.

Using Discussions and Private Messages Tool (2016)

A guide to setting up a discussion forums for your Laulima course site.

Using Assignments, Tests and Surveys tool (2016)

A brief overview of how to use the Assignments, Tests and Surveys tool in Laulima.

Publish a Course Site (2016)

How to publish your course site in Laulima.

Setting Up a New Laulima Site (2016)

A guide to setting up your new Laulima course site.

Linking YouTube to Your Laulima Site (2016)

A guide to connect your YouTube channel to your Laulima course site.

Finding Hidden Courses (2016)

This video will show you how to move a course from your Hidden Sites Folder to your Active Sites Folder.

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