Wassenaar Arrangement – Wording is Everything


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The Wassennaar Arrangement is a deal meant to control the exportation of conventional firearms, dual-use goods, and dual-use technologies.
The cybersecurity problem that this creates is the fact that the wording of a particular section of the arrangement is too broad. There’s a section in the deal that refers to cybersecurity tools as intrusion technologies. Unfortunately this term covers a broad spectrum of tools that cybersecurity professionals use to research vulnerabilities/attacks, perform penetration tests, and make security assessments. Many of these “intrusion technologies” actually play a role in governance and compliance with respect to PCI-DSS, HIPAA, SOX; etc… The troubling thing is that this arrangement may not have enough time to go¬†through another rewrite¬†and place this draft through another comment period before the Wassenaar meeting in December.