This Week in Cybersec Headlines, 4/17/17

Shadow Brokers Dump More Stolen NSA Tools

CSCC Article


Tax Season Coincides with Increase in Java-based RATs

The IRS and the tax industry warn of phishing scams while Microsoft and cybersecurity researchers warn of trojans, including Java-based remote access Trojans (jRATs).

Threatpost, Wave of Java-Based RATs Target Tax Filers

Threatpost, Latest Tax Scams Include Phishing Lures, Malware

Microsoft, Tax-themed phishing and malware attacks proliferate during the tax filing season

SC Magazine, Spike in jRAT attacks

Zscaler, Increase in jRAT Campaigns

IRS, IRS, States and Tax Industry Warn of Last-Minute Email Scams

North Korean Missile Failure, Cyber Attack?

“Some cybersecurity professionals are wondering if North Korea’s recent attempt to launch a missile failed due to malware implanted by the United States, a claim rebutted by U.S. officials.”

SC Magazine, Possible cyber angle eyed with North Korean missile failure

Botnets Battle for Unsecured IoT Devices, Mirai vs Hajime

“A rival piece of programming has been infecting some of the same easy-to-hack internet-of-things products, with a resiliency that surpasses Mirai, according to security researchers.” “You can almost call it Mirai on steroids.”

CIO, IoT malware clashes in a botnet territory battle

Possible Vulnerabilities for IoT Health Devices

The FDA warns Abbott Laboratories about cybersecurity and battery depletion issues after Abbott fails to verify that the remote monitoring device only opens network ports to authorized users.

SC Magazine, FDA warns Abbott on cybersecurity woes with St. Jude heart devices

Healthcare Breaches

In March, an alarming increase in healthcare-related data breaches affected more than 1.5 million patient records in 39 separate incidents across the country.

SC Magazine, 1.5 million records lost in March health care industry data breaches

NASA CISO Concerned about Cybersecurity

Bloomberg, Outer-Space Hacking a Top Concern for NASA’s Cybersecurity Chief.