International Cybersecurity Headlines in Review, July 14, 2017

NotPetya Follow up

Forbes, ‘NotPetya’ Hackers Demand $256,000 In Bitcoin To Cure Ransomware Victims

Graham Cluley, Petya ransomware developer releases master decryption key, giving hope for victims

Motherboard, Hackers Linked to NotPetya Ransomware Decrypted a File for Us

Security Week, Original Petya Master Decryption Key Released

Sophos, Naked Security, Organisations count the cost of Petya as the storm abates

SC Media, Firms struggling to get back to business after NotPetya struck

BUPA Breach

Bitdefender, Hot for Security, Bupa warns health insurance information exposed by rogue employee

Infosecurity Magazine, Bupa Suffers Data Breach

Sophos, Naked Security, BUPA breach – why names and addresses matter

NATO Pledges Support to Ukraine, including cybersec support

AFP, NATO pledges to support Ukraine

AP, NATO: We’re supplying new cybersecurity equipment to Ukraine

New Dutch Tapping Law Passed

Reuters, Dutch pass ‘tapping’ law, intelligence agencies may gather data en masse

China News, VPN Bans and WannaCry Lookalike Arrests

Tech Crunch, China’s mobile operators are reportedly being told to ban all use of VPNs

Bloomberg, China Tells Carriers to Block Access to Personal VPNs by February

Bleeping Computer, Chinese Police Arrest Ransomware Devs Spreading WannaCry Lookalike for Android

Graham Cluley, Two suspects arrested in connection with WannaCry Android lookalikes