Student Code of Conduct

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University of Hawai'i - West O'ahu

Student Code of Conduct



University of Hawai'i - West O'ahu (“UH West O'ahu”) exists so that the people it serves have learning and enrichment opportunities to improve their quality of life and their standard of living. UH West O'ahu supports a positive educational environment that will benefit student success.  In order to ensure this vision, UH West O'ahu has established guidelines for the redress of grievances by individuals accused in such proceedings. In addition, UH West O'ahu has established a Student Code of Conduct (“Student Code”) to ensure the protection of student rights and the health and safety of the UH West O'ahu community, as well as to support the efficient operation of UH West O'ahu programs.

In cases where an UH West O'ahu student is found responsible for a violation of the UH West O'ahu Student Code of Conduct, UH West O'ahu will impose discipline that is consistent with the impact of the offense on the UH West O'ahu community (See Article IV (B) below). UH West O'ahu reserves the right to pursue criminal and/or civil action where warranted. The Student Code of Conduct shall apply from the time of admission to UH West O'ahu and continue as long as the student remains enrolled at UH West O'ahu or declares UH West O'ahu as his or her home campus. The Student Code of Conduct shall also be applicable to a student's conduct even if the student withdraws from UH West O'ahu after a report has been submitted for review of an alleged violation of the Student Code of Conduct.

If an individual has violated the Student Code of Conduct on UH West O'ahu property while not enrolled as a student at UH West O'ahu, but then later seeks to enroll, he or she must first contact the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs (VCSA)  (or his or her designee).  The same Due Process procedures listed in Article IV below will be followed to determine an admission decision.


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