Compliance Hui Charge


Compliance Hui Charge AY 2018-2019

The University of Hawai'i System is committed to maintaining and promoting a safe and respectful campus learning environment where all members of the community can be successful. As vital members of our UH West O'ahu community, it is the responsibility of everyone on our campus to demonstrate our commitment to this primary value. Indeed, our collective campus efforts will be far more effective if we have a shared foundation and basic understanding of federal and state laws and regulations, and system policies and procedures so that we can move in a more concerted manner.

As many of you may already know, the state legislature, on July I, 2016, passed a law, HRS 304A-120 (also referred to as "Act 208"), requiring all University of  Hawai'i employees (to  include all ten UH campuses), as well as currently enrolled students, to receive training on Title  IX, VAWA, and relevant UH policies by July I, 2017.  In addition to these laws and policies,  there are many other federal laws and regulations which also require campus-wide training and/or programming. Some of these other federal laws include, but are not limited to:  EDGAR  Part 86- Drug-Free Schools and Campuses (also known as the Drug Free Schools and  Communities Act (DFSCA)), Family Educational Rights and Privacy  Act (FERPA),   ADA/Section 504, Clery Act, Title IV (Federal Financial Aid), and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act.

To ensure that UH West O'ahu is providing vital compliance programming and training on our campus, I have asked that the Campus Compliance Hui, chaired by Beverly Baligad, in partnership with the newly formed Kaiaulu Task Force, lead this effort. The Campus Compliance Hui consists of representatives from across our campus. Their task is to:
#1: Identify federal and state laws which require trainings and programming on campus, and the audience who must receive those trainings as well as the types of necessary programming.

#2: Develop a proposed calendar for the next academic year of major campus events, training and programming opportunities by the end of the preceding spring semester.
#3: Provide suggestions for evaluating and assessing campus-wide training and programming for its effectiveness, as well as offer suggestions for improving any future trainings or programming.
#4: Assist in developing or suggesting a mechanism which will allow the campus to keep recorded information (yearly) on the following: trainings, programming, events, attendance by faculty and staff, and overall participation in major campus events.
#5: Promote campus-wide involvement and participation during compliance related campus events.
#6: Offer suggestions for future membership, membership terms, funding or other needs as determined necessary by the Campus Compliance Hui for meeting other compliance requirements for the UHWO campus.
#7: Provide updates and information regarding the Hui's progress and or potential barriers to the campus' Executive Management Team when requested and/or necessary.
#8: Provide support for other necessary campus training and programming initiatives identified by the Chancellor and/or Executive Leadership.

Please join me in making sure that UH West O' ahu remains a safe and diverse institution. If you have any questions (and/or suggestions) regarding this Hui or its charge, please feel free to contact Bev Baligad, J.D., Director of Compliance (and Compliance Hui Chair) via email at

I greatly appreciate your efforts and your support to ensure that UH West O'ahu is a safe and welcoming place to Learn, Discover and Engage!
E malama pono!
Chancellor Maenette Benham
AY 2018-2019 Compliance Hui Charge