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About Us

UH West Oʻahu’s Behavior Intervention Team (BIT) is a group of campus professionals who support campus safety by providing a central point of contact to receive, assess, and take steps if necessary to address individuals with disruptive or troubling behavior, whether the person be a student, faculty, staff or community member on campus. The team was formed in 2017 with the approvals of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Vice Chancellor for Administrative Affairs. The Office of Compliance within the Chancellorʻs Office took a lead role in establishing the protocols, processes and training for the team, which meets regularly for training and to review cases.

The team draws members from a cross-section of the campus, and includes 10 primary members from the Office of Compliance, Counseling, Academic Advising, Student Affairs, Human Resources, and Campus Security. Team members provide known (relevant) institutional information, observations, input, and discussion of cases as well assessing threats and suggesting plans of actions. The Behavior Intervention Team meets every two weeks during the school year and once every three weeks during the summer, as well as having annual training.  When necessary, ad-hoc meetings are scheduled to assess cases requiring immediate attention.

Mission Statement

The mission of the UH West O`ahu BIT is to promote a safe and effective learning and working environment for all currently enrolled student and employees by assisting individuals who may be exhibiting concerning behaviors work towards engaging with the campus community in a positive and appropriate manner.

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Emergency? Call Campus Security

UHWO Campus Security is located in the Maintenance/Mechanical Building F202. Officers are on duty 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.