Career & Internship Fair, Tue, Nov 10

Career Fair Flyer

Are you looking for a job, internship, practicum, or other career-related experience? The economy has taken a major blow this year, but there are still opportunities out there.

Connect with employers who are looking for great candidates to join their teams. Even if you have a couple of years before graduation, consider gaining valuable experience and applying your skills and knowledge at an internship or through part-time work. Employers value candidates that have experience through internships or part-time work as they study.

Check out the participating employers and explore the employment and internship opportunities they’re recruiting for. There are over 20 organizations looking for candidates to apply for positions from analyst to social media manager, and lots in between. Find your next move in your career development at this virtual fair!

Once registered, update your profile and start to sign up for group sessions and 1:1 appointments with the recruiters. Do your future self a favor — get involved and get ahead. See you at the fair!

Chart Relative Importance of Attributes

Career & Internship Fair Dos!

Here is a list of things you can do to stand out from the crowd:

  1. Dress in a conservative and professional manner. Be considerate of others when using perfume and aftershave.
  2. Bring copies of your résumé, a list of references, a pen (that works) and a notepad; a smile, a strong handshake, a positive attitude; and a 30-second “sales pitch” about your skills, abilities, education, and experience.
  3. Research the companies that will be represented at the fair and prioritize your favorites. Visit several other companies first to gain confidence and reduce anxiety.
  4. Prepare a list of questions, based on research, to ask company representatives.
  5. Review your résumé to reacquaint yourself with your educational background and work history.
  6. Prepare an opening statement or greeting (see guide below). Employers respond well to individuals who appear confident and focused on a specific career goal. Make eye contact with the person to whom you are speaking.
  7. Be courteous and respectful of the privacy of other candidates when approaching an employer.
  8. Talk with many employers. Take this opportunity to gather information about the company and the career field(s) they target, as well as employment opportunities.
  9. Before leaving an employer, ask for his/her business card. Write notes regarding the topics you discussed on the back of the card.
  10. After the fair,  follow up on all leads. Send thank you notes to the recruiters to whom you spoke and reiterate your interest in a position with their company.

Elevator Pitch

Provide the following information during your introduction:

  1. Profession (What you do – your professional identity)
  2. Expertise (The relevant competencies/skills you use to perform your work)
  3. Types of Businesses (The environments you’ve worked/want to work)
  4. Special Strengths (The things that make you different)
  5. The Ask (ask for something, i.e. their contact information or information about vacancies)

Here’s an example:

Hi, I’m Jane Kealoha, it’s nice to meet you. I am a junior here at UH-West O’ahu majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance. Last summer I interned with ABC Financial Services as a Sales and Trading Summer Analyst in the Derivatives Product Group. I’m now interested in pursuing an internship position with the Audit Division at DAGS where I can utilize my communication skills and solid quantitative abilities. My experience as a UHWO Team Member at the AGA Finance Case Challenge has helped me to develop a strong teamwork ethic, time management skills and the ability to stay calm under pressure, and these abilities will help me to be successful in a financial services career. Can you describe some common projects an intern would get to work on in the Audit Division with DAGS?

Remember to…

  • Keep it between 30 seconds – 60 seconds in length
  • Practice so that the delivery is natural, conversational, and effortless
  • Sound the part – show confidence and let your passion show through
  • Look the person in the eyes and smile