Suspicious Activity Reporting

Suspicious Activity Reporting or SAR is a way to alert authorities when you have observed criminal activity or suspicious activity on campus, in your neighborhood, or a public place. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) developed its famed “if you see something, say something┬«” campaign to enlist the public’s help in preventing terrorism or terrorism related crimes.

Here at UHWO, we too want our campus community to become part of our preparedness and prevention efforts regarding terrorism and other criminal activity. Please do not hesitate to contact the UHWO CSD if you suspect criminal activity or other suspicious activity. Below are some examples of what constitutes suspicious activity along with a link to the Department of Homeland Security.

Examples of Suspicious Activity (not a complete list):

  • Out of place items/vehicles – you observe a vehicle parked in an odd location, unattended items
  • Elicitation – an individual is attempting to elicit information on security practices and procedures, hours of operation, staffing numbers, etc that go beyond general curiosity
  • Surveillance – an individual is observed multiple times loitering in a particular area, taking notes, videoing or taking pictures of a particular location

Department of Homeland Security Link

What is Suspicious Activity?

Click here to report suspicious activity. Thank you for your assistance in keeping our campus safe!