What are BEPs? BEPs are Building Emergency Plans. These plans are specific to each building on the UHWO campus and are meant to aid building occupants in preparing for, responding to, and recovering from a critical incident that impacts their building.

Currently, BEPs are under development. As each building on campus undergoes its BEP development, as an occupant, you may be asked some questions in regards to your building or office. Do not hesitate to ask questions or voice your concerns. We can all work together to ensure our campus is striving to be one of the safest and most prepared campus in the nation.

Purpose and Scope

BEPs are developed to ensure that building occupants are well informed of emergency procedures and established safety protocols. The plan further stipulates guidelines used to effect a timely and coordinated response.

BEPs will provide key roles and responsibilities for building coordinators and occupants, as well as what emergency procedures to follow during and after an incident. It details and describes building specific information which will aid key personnel, such as the building coordinator and alternate building coordinator, in making informed decisions during an emergency.

BEPs are intended to comply, and closely align with the University of Hawai‘i West Oahu (UHWO) Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) and its associated Critical Incident Annexes.

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