About Us


The University of Hawai‘i – West O‘ahu Campus Security Department (UHWO CSD) is firmly committed to ensuring a safe and secure environment for people and their property at the UH West Oahu campus within the constraints of federal, state, local laws, and university policies.

UHWO CSD Officers receive their authority from the UH West Oahu Chancellor. UHWO CSD Officers do not have police powers, arrest authority, and are not authorized to carry firearms. UHWO CSD Officers may detain person(s) involved in the violation of laws and those involved in criminal acts they personally view, or those positively identified as having committed such an act by victims or witnesses.

The members of the UHWO Campus Security Department are committed to providing high-quality public safety services with a strong emphasis on customer service. As a department, we strive to be a leader in professionalism, integrity, safety and security best practices, and incident response. We want to make the UH West Oahu campus one of the safest campuses for all students, faculty, staff, and visitors.