Design Motifs

Our campus design motifs are meant to act as a identifiable, supplemental feature to the UH West Oʻahu logo or signature. UH West Oʻahu design motifs (sometimes referred to as a design elements) include the use of color and graphic images to provide continuity to our print and electronic communication. Design elements should only be utilized in conjunction with the UH West Oʻahu logo or signature.

All design motifs are subject to licensing regulations.

Established Design Motifs

UH West Oʻahu has developed a series of design motifs to represent the campus. One is a combination pueo feather/kukui leaf pattern that was originally printed on our faculty kīhei. This pattern is created from a single color (usually Pantone 187 red). The other is an original UH West O‘ahu kapa design pattern that was developed in consultation with local Hawaiian and indigenous specialists to represent the indigenous and cultural makeup of many of our student body. The kapa pattern is made up of two colors that are close in value (IE: Pantone 187 red and a slightly darker red).

Pueo feather/kukui leaf sample.
Pueo feather/kukui leaf sample

Kapa pattern sample.
Kapa pattern sample

These design motifs are established graphics within the UH West O‘ahu Brand Identity and help convey a consistent theme across all official print and digital media. The pueo feather/kukui leaf pattern are reserved for Office of the Chancellor and executive publications such as quarterly reports. The kapa pattern is used for general UH West Oʻahu marketing materials, such as student outreach and admissions.

The Communications Department oversees the use of these design motifs. Please contact the Communications Department for more questions.